Proton A-1

The device is designed for applying viscous compounds:

flame-retardant paints, one-component mastics and polyureas, viscous compositions.

Piston painting unit, industrial, for the application of viscous compounds. The painting unit supplies the paint in an airless way, under high pressure to the spray gun, and in the spray gun through the air head, the paint is additionally sprayed with air.

PROton piston painting machines are designed for use in production when painting wooden products, such as windows or doors, as well as in metalworking and machine-building and car-building industries, for painting metal beams, tower and truck cranes, passenger and freight cars, containers, cement trucks and milk trucks, storage tanks, painting airplanes and helicopters.

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Capacity - 12.0 l/min
Material pressure - 250 bar
Hose d10 included - 15 m
The maximum length of the hose is 60 m
Air pressure - 6-10 bar
Air consumption - 0.6-0.8 cubic meters.
The maximum recommended nozzle is 0.039”
Overall dimensions - 500x700x1050mm
Weight without packaging - 35 kg


  • The painting unit is mounted on a wheeled cart and can be easily moved around the painting chamber or paint shop
  • Low price for a painting unit, any production can now buy a painting machine
  • The painting unit can be used for combined and airless spraying of paint, the equipment can be easily modified for a specific painting task
  • Painting equipment can be used both for painting metal structures and for painting wooden products.
  • High performance allows the use of nozzles of large diameters, the device can be used for spraying viscous compounds such as mastic and fire protection
  • It is possible to use with several spray guns


All painting equipment is checked manually at the factory. A 12–month warranty is provided for all painting equipment for the absence of factory defects. Warranty and post-warranty repairs are carried out. The supply of spare parts and components is provided.
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