Proton A-2

The PROTON A-2 installation is designed for applying two-component compositions by spraying on any surface. The equipment is equipped with high-pressure hoses and an AR 3 pistol. Additionally, it can be equipped with a Graco Fusion AP high-pressure pistol or similar. It is also possible to equip heating belts for heating components directly in barrels, additional hoses and barrel pumps.

Features of the PROTON A-2 device:
Piston pumps — precise dosing of components;
Insulated heated hoses maintain the optimum temperature of the components;
The pneumatic drive is a guarantee of reliability and durability of work;
Smooth control of the supply of components;
Compact and mobile;
Easy to maintain

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Capacity - up to 7 kg/min
Working pressure - up to 170 bar.
Built-in flow heaters - 3.5 kW
Supply voltage - 220 V
Pneumatic drive - yes
Compressed air consumption - from 800 l/min.
The recommended compressor is -1.2 m3/min.
Heated hose d=10 mm -15 m
The maximum length of hoses is 90 m
Overall dimensions - 1050x500x700 mm
Weight - 65 kg.


  • Mobility, and ease of installation allows spraying on any objects.
  • The ability to use both with small portable containers and with 200-liter barrels.
  • Reliability of the design, due to the use of high-quality components.
  • High productivity reduces the time required to complete the work.
  • Ease of operation allows you to reduce training time and increase productivity
  • High quality of the resulting material due to better mixing of the components.
  • High accuracy of component dosing


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