PROTON E-2 installation is an electric combined mixing unit for spraying polyurethane foam. It is intended for application of two-component compositions by spraying on any surface. There is heating of components (flow heaters). The equipment is equipped with high-pressure hoses with heating, a RV5 pistol. It is also possible to equip heating belts for heating components directly in barrels, additional hoses (multiple of 15m).
Differs from the PROTON Air device by lower air consumption — only 300-350L/min.

PROTON E-2 uses pumps similar to Graco pumps to supply components. Thanks to this, a more accurate dosing of the material is achieved. The components are taken directly from the barrels. It is enough to open the barrels, immerse the intake hoses in them and turn on the installation.

Better mixing is guaranteed due to the combined spraying system, i.e. the components are mixed both due to compressed air and increased pressure of the supplied materials. The mixed components fly out of the spray gun in the form of an aerosol torch.

The principle of operation of the gun: components through special nozzles at a pressure of 10 bar enter individual mixing chambers in which they are sprayed and mixed with compressed air supplied to the same chambers from the compressor. After that, each component, being in an aerosol state, is mixed with compressed air, and enters a common mixing chamber, in which two aerosol materials are already mixed together.

This mechanism of operation improves the quality of mixing components and reduces consumption. When the trigger of the gun is released, the material supply is instantly blocked (as in high-pressure devices). The channels of the gun are cleaned of the remaining material with compressed air.

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Capacity - up to 5 kg/min
Operating pressure - up to 20 bar.
Built-in flow heaters - 3.5 kW
Supply voltage - 220 V
Electric motor power - 2.2 kW
Heated hose d=6 mm - yes
The length of the hoses included is 15 m
Performance adjustment - yes
Overall dimensions - 1050x500x700 mm
Weight - 65 kg


  • Mobility, and ease of installation allows spraying on any objects.
  • The ability to use both with small portable containers and with 200-liter barrels.
  • Reliability of the design, due to the use of high-quality components.
  • High productivity reduces the time required to complete the work.
  • Ease of operation allows you to reduce training time and increase productivity
  • High quality of the resulting material due to better mixing of the components.
  • High accuracy of component dosing


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