Proton Е-6z

The PROton E-6z installation is designed for applying two-component compositions by spraying on any surface. The equipment is equipped with high-pressure hoses and an AP-3 spray gun. It is also possible to equip heating belts for heating components directly in barrels and additional hoses.
The E-6 differs from the model in the ability to change the ratio of component feed. It is suitable both for spraying polyurethane foam and polyurea, and for applying special formulations (for example Biurs), or for filling foam with a ratio other than 1:1.
In the basic configuration, the device is supplied with the possibility of pumping materials with the ratio:
1:1 | 1:0,85 | 1:0,75 | 1:1,18 | 1:1,33
Under the order, you can complete the device for the ratio:
1:0,95 | 1:0,9 | 1:0,8 | 1:0,70 | 1:0,65 | 1:0,6 | 1:0,55 | 1:0,5 | 1:1,11 | 1:1,25 | 1:1,43 | 1:1,54 | 1:1,67 | 1:1,82 | 1:2
Performance adjustment and hoses with a diameter of d10mm — optimally suited for working with polyurea. Since polyurea is a viscous material, barrel pumps and barrel heaters will simplify working with it.

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Capacity - 7 kg/mi
Working pressure - up to 200 bar
The ratio of components is 1:1-1:1.4
Built-in flow heaters - 3.5 kW
Supply voltage - 220 V
Electric motor power - 2.6 kW
Heated hose d=10 mm - yes
The length of the hoses included is 15 m
Material recycling system - yes
Component heating sensors - yes
Performance adjustment - yes
Spray gun AR3 - yes
Overall dimensions - 1050x500x700 mm
Weight - 75 kg


  • Mobility, and ease of installation allows spraying on any objects.
  • The ability to use both with small portable containers and with 200-liter barrels.
  • Reliability of the design, due to the use of high-quality components.
  • High productivity reduces the time required to complete the work.
  • Ease of operation allows you to reduce training time and increase productivity
  • High quality of the resulting material due to better mixing of the components.
  • High accuracy of component dosing.


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