About the company
For more than 10 years, the Joint-Stock Company "BEF Proton" has been associated with the development of technical and technological solutions in the field of construction equipment production. In a short period of time, our company has mastered innovative mechanisms of thermal insulation and waterproofing of objects of various complexity and purpose.

The value of the decisions we take step by step is reflected in the creation of modern equipment that allows us to work in any conditions. We have been members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2010, and in 2012 our company was awarded the Silver Mercury award.

The results of our work contribute to technical progress in the domestic market of construction equipment and services. It was the opening of our own production that allowed us to guarantee high-quality products for us and our customers. We became the first company in the Russian market to manufacture domestic high-pressure installations for spraying polyurethane foam and polyurea (PROTON trademark). Our own design department ensures the continuous improvement and development of existing devices, as well as the creation of fundamentally new innovative devices for construction work.

Joint Stock Company "BEF Proton" has built a production system around promising and reliable materials in the field of construction, which have long proven themselves in the market of Western and American colleagues. At the same time, the system of technological and technical solutions developed by our company maintains an acceptable price level for the Russian market.

Why choose us
The company covers the requests of customers considering equipment for use both in small areas, for example, in the construction and insulation of their own homes, and for large-scale construction projects. In working with polyurethane foam and polyurea, our team is intensively developing the direction of improving high-pressure equipment. At the same time, for customers who rely on the price of the product in priority, we maintain the production of combined mixing units of components, taking into account the interests of buyers in the lower price segment.
Almost every year the company releases new models of installations and improves the models of previous releases. Each model undergoes pre-sale testing. We rely on the feedback and suggestions of our customers, taking into account their opinion in design solutions and modernization issues. This is evidenced by every stage of the development of our company. There are programs for upgrading old installations for our customers. The presence of its own production site makes cooperation with JSC "Proton Construction Equipment Plant" profitable and reliable, ensures the growth and continuous development of the company. Allows you to train both employees and customers.